Human Haze

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Have your ever seen this gaze?
I have stared at them misty eyes
Longing for the blue sky in a daze
And then portrayed them days
Through them fictitious plays.

Act One Only
Scene 1
The Garden of Eden. A hilarious walk near the river of Hearsay. Birds of pray in the bay trees imitating the nightingale but in vain. A voice of whistling through the trees then mortification. Eye-witness, a young bard of good manners and handsome traits traverse the blue stream; the way he walks is tremendous; it seems he is tricky to trigger.
Eye-witness: (he has the habit to meditate)
The reaction I get here is always clear,
But there is something missing!
What was that?
Was it the wilderness message?
Am I still trying to manage?
I’ll never be untrue to myself
In order to reach the human self.
While the still wind blows from north as it does in April passage, Eye-witness is lying on his back with his eyes wide open to the blue sky. He could conceive a large mirror of the human impetuous helmets; of those henchmen hens; of him and her…
Eye-witness: Good day blue sky! I’ll fly to you
With my own winged thoughts.
(He stares for a moment or two
At a soaring royal eagle…)
I have fervour for you my God,
Will you Ferment my soul today
For a young fawn to save me
And draw a smile of felicity
In my festive face!
This place has everything
No inventions or intentions
That may feign my fancies
From the façade of human fallacies.
While pondering upon this vista like a politician on a TV show, there come sliding, crawling like a lizard or a snake fending... a wrought iron soul maiden that was known by the name of Eye-Candid; she was caddied in a red clear cloak, showing her most vivacious vices and wits...She was utterly pretty if angels were in position to misjudge her outer beauty…I her eyes, a mirror like, one may see the everlasting realty…She was in a hilarious walk as usual before the sun set…She could now invade the slumbering man laying on his back to the leaving sun…

Eye-Candid: Wake up! Has this dream stopped?
Don’t you know that the dream is your reality?
Wake up! Seize theses last rays with me!

Eye-Witness: (he is astounded…he tries to make the scene quicker than he can...)
Welcome thee! My eyes will never cease
To long for thy presence my wild love;
Time so slowly turned ‘till I burned
My craving sensations for you...
(She smiles like a daisy, penetrating the man’s eyes before the evening darkens the vista…)
In your eyes I see the world;
A world of wild sensations;
A world of wise intuitions;
A world of us as a nation…
Come back baby! Reign here!
I’m your island candid eye…
Eye-Candid: (transcending what she hears and bears to traverse the few miles between them…)
Oh! My darling, dare not to demand
Me since I’m already in your hand.
Let words die for a moment or two
And keep our eyes fixed on this gloom…
Scene 2
Darkness darkens the doors of a mansion at the top of the hill…a myriad of stars shine to make a shade for the glinting moon…The mansion is a castle of yore made of roses and feathers…conveying the Van Gogh ‘vase’…a break through the art sensation of the human mind…There is a red light fire which seems to takes its time to warm the place…Eye-Witness and Eye-Candid haphazardly discuss the ensued human eyries…

Eye-Witness: (with a book on his left hand…he turns the last page and looks as if about to give a speech…)
The world is on fire!
Approximately a disaster,
Believe me love
This is reflected in your candid eyes…

Eye-Candid: Tell me darling what you witness?
Is it a human wilderness?
Or is it your fragile temper
That makes you contrite?
Eye-witness, sane enough to defend his cogito…he retorts…

Eye-Witness: I will not hesitate my love
For all what I see is above
All reflected in your eyes…
I see stress, strangeness…
Everything is less and less…
No human contact and this is a fact!
I can only lose my tears
If they may cleanse the fallacies
Of every lost human soul…

Eye-Candid: Do not darling! Replay not!
Your tears are my diamonds
Never waste them even on me!
In the morrow there is a light t
That will leave us ambitious…
She hugs him in her wide open arms…he step into unconsciousness and oblivion in the arms of his beloved…Night divides their way…dawn will not come this time…
(To be continued…)


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